Disabled hair stylist sitting in a Rollz Motion wheelchair

Disabled and Determined

According to the American Center for Disease Control & Prevention, one in four adults in the United States has a disability that affects their daily life. Despite being disabled, a highly respected hair stylist and beauty educator from Kitsap County has refused to add to these numbers.

Three people in this family have a disability

Three generations Rollz along

A quarter of all people have a disability, but in the Kits/De Winter family, that percentage is much higher. For grandfather Jan Kits (85), daughter Helene de Winter (59), and granddaughter Maartje Reggin-de Winter (29), living with a disability is normal.

Man using a Rollz Motion rollator walker taking his disability at work

Disability at work

Receiving a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis is anything but easy. It’s life changing and challenging in so many ways – mentally, emotionally, professionally. You don’t want to give up your old life, but you do wonder how you are going to cope with it from now on.

Woman having holidays in Lapland with a Rollz Motion rollator

Tips for walking with a rollator in winter

Dreamy white landscapes, hot chocolate and the joy of Christmas holidays make winter time a wonderful season. For people with mobility issues however, walking with a rollator in winter can also be filled with anxiety.

Woman walking on slopes with a rollator

Walking on slopes with a rollator

It may seem difficult to walk up or down inclines while using a rollator, especially if fully leaning on it for support or when a slope is long or steep. Slopes are increasingly present around buildings, bridges, and parks to enhance accessibility to them. 

Rollz in the US

Rollz launches new web store for US customers

Rollz International today announces the launch of its US company and online presence. While Rollz’s American customers have previously been able to purchase the company’s mobility aids through US distributors, Rollz’s new American company and web store makes it easier than ever for its customers to access direct service.