4 ways to encourage independence in children with mobility issues

4 ways to encourage independence in children with mobility issues

Over 240 million children around the world have disabilities that withhold them from enjoying their life fully. That’s one in 10 children who couldn’t learn the life skills they need for everyday life. While we understand how their families only want to provide them assistance, there is a positive value in encouraging them to be more … Continued

Rollz innovations in healthcare

Rollz receives support for innovations in healthcare

Rollz International has been selected to receive financial and substantive support to bring its innovations in healthcare towards the market. Alongside Basalt Revalidation Center and Assistive Technology for Mobility and Sports from The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Rollz aims to respond to the growing demand for care by making rehabilitation easier with the help … Continued

Man walking with a Rollz Motion Delft Blue rollator in front of a wall with drawings in Delft

Rollz introduces a special Delft Blue edition

Rollz has announced the introduction of its first special rollator edition, called the Rollz Motion Delft Blue. Created on the white frame version of the already famous Rollz Motion rollator and wheelchair combo, this limited series is meant to bring more of the Dutch culture into the company’s products.

Woman sitting on a rollator with a correct position

Sitting on a rollator

If you use a mobility aid for support, you may find that walking or standing becomes difficult or tiresome at certain moments. One possible solution is having the option of sitting on a rollator to get some rest.

Martijn Schaaper in the interview about the human body

A body adapts seamlessly

Rollz International CEO Martijn Schaaper shares his thoughts on the efficiency of the human body, the importance of good product design and the value of daily exercise and activity.

Man walking with the new Rollz Flex 2 rollator in the city

The new Rollz Flex 2 rollator is out

Rollz International announces the launch of the new Rollz Flex 2 rollator. Offering unmatched comfort, stability and design, Rollz’s newest rollator supports an active lifestyle without having to compromise. This is an updated version of the previous Rollz Flex model introduced in 2016.