There is a Rollz rollator for every adventure. Whatever your needs, we have one to help you reach any corner of your world with confidence and comfort.

Discover the best rollator walker and wheelchair in one

Transforms effortlessly from one to the other within seconds

With the Rollz Motion you always have the right mobility aid at hand: a modern rollator walker when you feel like walking and a wheelchair when you need to rest but want to keep going. This way you will still be able to take part in all activities, even when you have reached your walking limit. Simply unfold the wheelchair package, attach the footrests, and turn the handles around. Once you are rested, transform it back and use it as a rollator walker again.

This innovative combination allows for stable, upright, and comfortable walking both indoors and out.

Meet the future of independence!

Practical solution for different stages of decreased mobility

The Rollz Motion Electric is a rollator, transport chair, and electric wheelchair all in one. Whether you need support while walking, a place to rest, or a way to travel independently, this mobility aid has got you covered.
The rollator option provides stable support while walking, making it easier for you to get around and enjoy your favorite activities. When walking becomes difficult, simply attach the wheelchair package and continue moving safely and comfortably seated. And with the electric system, you can enjoy the convenience of a motorized wheelchair, giving you the freedom to travel anywhere you like, at any time.
The Rollz Motion Electric is a sustainable solution for various mobility needs, whether you require occasional support or use of a wheelchair. This device is designed to meet your needs so that mobility limitations won't hold you back!

Lightweight rollator walker
with shopping bag

2-in-1 rollator walker and wheelchair
with air tires

Parkinson rollator walker
with adjustable cues

Walking makes you stronger

Continue your daily activities while improving your mobility

The idea behind our thoughtful design is to allow you to walk longer and more often than you are used to, having full confidence in yourself and the stability of your rollator walker. You will be more self-reliant and may also start to enjoy moving more. This has both physical and mental benefits.

Our modern rollator walkers are easy to push and maneuver, allowing to get the most out of your holiday or shopping trip. Thanks to your rollator walker, you can enjoy your friends' parties or family events again without needing extra help".

Blond girl walking with a modern rollator in a city center

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Man walking with a Rollz Flex rollator with big shopping bag

Lightweight and easy to maneuver

Multi-support options

The innovative round push bar of the Rollz Flex allows you to steer the rollator walker with one hand and open the door with the other. For walking stability, you can lean on it with your full weight. The bar position can be adjusted according to how much support you need in each moment.

Rollz Flex is a reliable shopping partner thanks to its large capacity bag. Even with the bag full of groceries, the modern rollator walker remains easy to steer due to its smart gravity point. The wheels are set closer to each other to allow a tight turning circle which comes in handy in narrow spaces.

The Rollz Flex 2 has multiple frame colors, a luxurious shopping bag and softer tires for extra comfort.

A sustainable choice

Modular design for long-time support

Rollz rollators are designed with modular adaptability in mind, allowing people to maintain their independence as their mobility needs change.

This innovative design not only provides long-term value for the user, but also has a positive impact on the environment. As the user’s needs change, the rollator can be customized with new technologies to meet their mobility needs, extending the lifetime of the device and reducing waste. Investing in a Rollz rollator is not only good for the user, but also good for the environment.

Man pushing a woman in a sustainable Rollz rollator

Dutch design. Premium quality. No compromise.

High-quality and durable materials

Designed by groundbreaking Dutch kinetics engineers, our modern rollator walkers have proven in the past ten years to be exactly what we’ve wanted them to be: complete, compact, stable, safe, and adaptable, to make you want to go out more and with confidence. Rollz rollator walkers are built from quality materials, to last for as long as you need to use them.

When using a rollator walker every day, you need to be able to fully rely on it as it is your outside companion. We have raised the bar when it comes to rollator walkers because we wanted to develop products to meet our own high standards. Over the years we’ve made constant improvements to our designs based on user feedback.

Award-winning rollator walkers with a modern design

A rollator walker should be 100 percent comfortable, safe, and light to steer, but it should not just look functional. Just like your glasses, a rollator walker needs to fit your style. We want your rollator walker to motivate you to go out more, that’s why our Rollz design rollator walkers have a slick, modern look.

All these features are successfully merged into the design of our walking aids. The Rollz Motion has won leading prizes: the Red Dot Design Award and the iF Design Award 2012. In addition, Rollz International has been awarded the Most Innovative Mobility Products Design Company 2020.


The ultimate walking experience

Modern rollators used by seniors in rehabilitation programs

Rehabilitation after an accident or traumatic injury

After an accident, surgery, or trauma you might need a rollator walker that could support your rehabilitation process. A rollator walker that takes obstacles away and helps you to recover by motivating you to move more, without adding unnecessary pressure on your energy. Rollz rollator walkers do exactly that, becoming your secure and trusted walking ally.

Adjusting to life with a disability takes time

The journey can often feel lonely, and some days you might feel like hiding away. But we are stronger together. We invited people from our community to share their emotional journeys through the stages of shame, acceptance and pride. This campaign aims not only to raise awareness about the silent battles disabled people face daily, but also to unite a community of people who support one another.