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Here you can find an overview of questions and answers about Rollz rollators, accessories and service. If your question is not listed below you can contact us at

About Rollz

Rollz is a Dutch company specialized in developing innovative and ergonomic mobility products since 2010. Our mission is to enable people to live life to the fullest, and not worry about how far they can go. Rollz rollators are versatile and adapt to the user and their situation.

Rollz Motion – the 2-in-1 rollator and wheelchair. From rollator position, the Rollz Motion can be easily transformed into a transport chair and back again, when needed.

Colors: pebble white, dark purple, matt black and island blue.

Sizes: normal and small. The small version is only available in island blue or matt black.

Rollz Motion Performance – our all-terrain version of the rollator and wheelchair in one. It has air filled tires and other aspects for extra comfort.

Colors: jungle green

Sizes: normal

Rollz Flex – design rollator with big bag. This rollator offers a lot of support and remains extremely viable, even when the bag is loaded to its capacity.

Brake options: classic and flip.

Colors: bright purple and denim grey.

Sizes: normal and small.


Rollz Motion: 3-in1, shopper, travel cover, cane holder, cup holder and footrests in different sizes.

Rollz Flex: shopping hooks and cane holder.

Rollz products are manufactured in Taiwan by a family company with whom we have worked for many years.

Rollz products are available in both high-quality specialist stores and online. An overview of our distributors can be found on the “Where to buy” page.

Our products are available in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, The Netherlands, UK and the USA.

If you live in a country that is not mentioned above, feel free to contact us for more information.

Contact details of our distributors can be found here.

A product is ergonomic when it is beneficial for the health, safety and comfort of those using them. In our case, the mobility of the user increases while using our products.

All our products can be used by people who need mobility support.

The Rollz Flex supports people with balance issues but who are still able to walk long distances.

The Rollz Motion offers support to those that are not able to walk long distances. When walking gets too difficult, the user can sit in the wheelchair and still be mobile.

You get the manual delivered with your product. If you have lost it, you can easily download a digital version from our website.

Rollz Flex

Rollz Flex is our design rollator with big bag. This versatile walker allows you to go out in a comfortable and stable way, while having style at the same time, all thanks to the beautiful and thoughtful design. In the waterproof bag you can carry up to 20 kg and yet maneuver stable.
The easy adjustable handlebar caters to your needs as it can be set in six different positions. When set in upright position, Rollz Flex can be used as a shopper. When the handle bar is facing forward, in the rollator position, the Rollz Flex is a fully certified rollator.

Rollz Flex comes in two sizes. The regular size is designed for people with heights between 1,55-1,95 m / 5 ft 1″- 6 ft 4 ¾”. Rollz Flex Small fits better to those having heights between 1.40-1.60 m / 4 ft 7⅛” – 5 ft 2¾”. The handle bar of the small version can be set in five different height sizes, instead of nine for the regular size.

The Rollz Flex weighs only 7.4 kg. The Rollz Flex Small weighs 6,8 kg.

The maximum user weight the Rollz Flex can carry is 125 kg. Only one person can take a seat on the Rollz Flex. Rollz International cannot guarantee the safety when multiple people sit on it. Do only sit when the Rollz Flex is set on the parking brake.

The Rollz Flex bag can carry 25 litre / 20 kg in its bag, which is more than other rollators can. Even heavily loaded, the rollator remains very stable and can be easily handled. Thanks to the removable bag you can easily get your shopping out of the rollator bag.

The bag of the Rollz Flex Small can carry 14 liter / 20 kg.

We understand that at first sight the Rollz Flex does not appear to be a rollator. That is exactly what we have aimed for when we developed it, as we believe this is how a modern rollator should look like: stylish and designed with care. Rollz Flex is a fully functional rollator and it complies with the standards in all the markets where it is available.

Take a look at this video to see the Rollz Flex in action.

The folding and unfolding of the Rollz Flex are done quickly, without tools or hassle. In this video you can see how it is done step by step.

The bag of the Rollz Flex holds an inner bag that you can easily remove and wash in the washing machine, at a maximum of 30 degrees. Do not iron, bleach, dry clean or machine dry it.
The outer bag can be cleaned with a wet soft cloth and gentle detergent.

The Rollz Flex adapts to your support needs. It depends on the user and the situation how the handlebar should be positioned for the needed support.

When the handlebar is set completely forward, it provides the best support. In this position, the Rollz Flex is a certified rollator.

In the tilting position – facing you like a stroller – it offers only slight support.

The handlebar is easily adjustable, so it can give you the needed support at any given moment. See how to adjust the handlebar in this video.


The Rollz Flex is available in two versions: with flip and classic brakes. The Rollz Flex Small is only available with classic brakes.

Flip brake – The flip brakes are designed to set the rollator easily on the parking brake. This can be done by pushing the brakes completely down. The brakes can be used in every position of the handlebar.
Classic brake – With the classic brakes you can brake easily while walking. To place it on the parking brake you will need to first squeeze the brakes and then pull the triangular parking brake. The classis brake is easiest to use when the handlebar is in the rollator position.

Rollz Motion

The Rollz Motion is a 2-in-1 rollator and wheelchair. This mobility aid allows you to walk steadily as long as you want and can. When you have walked enough, you can transform the rollator into a wheelchair and rest along the way, while someone pushes you around.

This video shows how to transform the rollator into a wheelchair and back.

The Rollz Motion is our regular size and fits for people with heights between 1.60-1.90 m / 5 ft 3″ – 6 ft 3″. The Rollz Motion Small is for people with heights between 1.50-1.85 m / 4 ft 11″ to 6 ft ⅞”.

The frame of the Rollz Motion Small is 5 centimeter lower compared to the Rollz Motion.

Both the Rollz Motion and the Rollz Motion Small weight only 11.6 kg. The wheelchair package weights 3.4 kg but can be left at home when not needed. It is therefore a real lightweight rollator. When folded, it can be easily lifted into the car.

The maximum weight capacity is 125 kg and the Rollz Motion can only carry one person at a time. Rollz International cannot guarantee your safety when there is more than one person sitting on it.

First make sure the bag under the Rollz Motion, in case you have this accessory, is completely empty. Remove the wheelchair package and the seat cushion. Under the seat you will find a red button, which needs to be pushed up so the seat can partially lift. Then press both sides of the frame towards each other.

Watch this video to better understand how it goes.

To unfold the Rollz Motion you need to pull apart the two sides of the frame. When the rollator is almost completely unfolded, push the seat down with your hand until it clicks to the frame. As the seat is locked in its position, place the cushion back on it and you can now start using it again.

If you use the Rollz Motion as a rollator only, you can leave the wheelchair package at home. If you want to have both options available all the time, then you can bring along the wheelchair package and keep it collapsed behind the rollator.

It is also possible to hang the wheelchair package above the seat, for more walk-in space. For that you will need a hanging system called the 3-in-1 wheelchair package holder. See here how the accessory works.

Rollz offers footrests in different sizes as an extra option, so you can choose the one that suits you best. Using the correct size of these rests translates in a correct sitting position.

When purchasing your Rollz Motion or the wheelchair package, you will automatically receive the medium size. The other two sizes, small and large, can found at the “Accessories” page.

To determine the size that fits you best you need to measure the length of your leg, from the inner side of the knee till the bottom of the shoe heel.

Find your correct size below.

34,5 cm – 38,5 cm: small

38,5 cm – 42,5 cm: medium

42,5 cm – 46,5 cm: large

Whether you order the Rollz Motion or the Rollz Motion Small, this does not have any influence on the size of the footrest that would fit you best.

Yes, you can certainly take a Rollz rollator in the airplane. The Rollz Motion and the wheelchair package can be very compact when folded. We advise you to use the Rollz Motion till you reach the gate and then ask the flight attendants to stow it during the flight.

If you want to check-in the rollator, it is better to use the Rollz travel cover to protect it from damage while travelling.

Here you can see how to use the travel cover.

You do not need a wheelchair taxi when you travel with the Rollz Motion. When folded, the Rollz Motion will fit in almost every trunk. So, in a taxi, the Rollz Motion will be luggage. If you travel by wheelchair taxi, you cannot stay seated in the Rollz Motion because it was not designed for this type of usage.

Rollz Accessories

The Rollz accessories designed for the Rollz Motion can only be used with this rollator. Other Rollz accessories are available for the Rollz Flex.

The back support offers support to your back when you want to rest on the rollator, but you did not bring the wheelchair package along. The back support can be easily attached to the Rollz Motion and removed when not needed.

By design, the wheelchair package of the Rollz Motion hangs behind the seat. But it can also be placed above the seat for more walk-in depth, and for this you will need the 3-in-1 accessory. It is called the 3-in-1 because it can also carry a cane and a bag at the same time.

We explain how the system works in this video.

The shopper can be easily ‘clicked’ on the frame of the Rollz Motion. This way you always have a bag with you. The shopper can be hanged on the frame only when the Rollz Motion is in rollator position.

You can also remove the bag from the frame and carry it on your shoulder. The bag has a capacity of 13,2 litre and has a pocket with zipper for your mobile phone and/or wallet.

To protect the Rollz Motion from scratches or damages while travelling we have developed a travel cover. This makes a compact package out of the Rollz Motion and the wheelchair package while packed. The cover protects the frame but leaves out the wheels so you can still push it around.

We have designed a cup holder, which you can easily ‘slide’ on the frame. This way you can bring along a glass or a small bottle. Even when the Rollz Motion is folded, the cup holder can remain on the frame. Do remove the drink before you fold the rollator.

Check out this video to see how the cup holder get attached to the frame.

When you purchase a Rollz Motion you receive the wheelchair package (to transform the rollator into a wheelchair), the 3-in-1 holder and the footrests (size medium).

Optional, we also offer small and large sizes of footrests. To see which size fits you best, take a look at the question ‘My legs are rather long/short, do you have other sizes of the footrests?’.

You can accessorize your Rollz Flex with a cane holder and shopping hooks. These accessories are specifically designed for the Rollz Flex and cannot be used for the Rollz Motion or other rollators.

With the Rollz Flex cane holder you can always bring your cane along. The holder can be easily attached to the push bar. The corresponding part will be attached to the cane and has been designed to fit almost any walking stick. See how the cane holder works in this video.

For the Rollz Motion, you can use the 3-in-1 accessory. Read the question ‘How does the 3-in-1 holder works?’ for more details.

When using the Rollz Flex shopping hooks you can carry some extra bags with light groceries. Each hook can carry 2,5 kg. This way you can transport the more vulnerable products, like bread or flowers.

Watch how the hooks work in this video.

Rollz Service

All Rollz products have two years warranty. To find out more about the policy in your country, please check the manual. If there is something wrong with your rollator, you need to contact the shop where you have purchased it from.

Registering your Rollz rollator allows us to help you efficiently and effectively in case of a service request.

If your Rollz rollator is defective, please refer to the shop where you purchased it from. They will be able to assist you with all your requests.

The Rollz Motion serial number can be found on the seat of the Rollz Motion, under the cushion.


The Rollz Flex serial number is placed on the cross hinge underneath the seat.



Rollz products can always be serviced. After the warranty period has expired, there will be costs for all the repairs.

At this moment it is not possible to get a customized Rollz product. But you can always contact us with your thoughts and needs, and we will do our best to find a solution for you.