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Woman with EDS reviews the rollator and wheelchair in one

Let the good times roll - a review of the Rollz Motion

‘My Rollz Motion was shipped right to my door and took my husband maybe 10 minutes to set up. The bulk of the rollator walker was already put together and he just had to read some instructions, add the pouch underneath, adjust the handles, and unpackage the seat and footrests. I knew as soon as he had it set up and we figured out how it worked and how easily it transformed into a wheelchair that this mobility aid was going to CHANGE MY LIFE.’

Woman living with Multiple Sclerosis reviews the Rollz Motion rollator

Friends Don’t Let Friends Buy Ugly Mobility Aids

‘Recently, I’ve had to accept that multiple sclerosis has caused me to need a little help staying vertical. A cane isn’t cutting it so I’ve been experimenting with rollators (formerly known as walkers). But on long days when my legs straight up quit, a rollator just isn’t enough to keep me on the dance floor (okay, the regular floor). Luckily, we live in The Future where rollators exist that, with a few slick moves, convert to pushable chairs for just such occasions — like real-life Transformers but with less fire power. What? This blew my mind.’

Rollz customers using their rollators

Brittany ★★★★★

Living with MS means I need to be ready for whatever hits me and with that it can be very difficult to project which mobility aid to bring with me for a day out. The Rollz Motion was a game changer as it’s 2 in 1! I don’t have to risk making the wrong choice of what to bring.

Shander ★★★★★

I was not very comfortable with needing or using a mobility aid, but the Rollz Flex totally shifted my mindset. I feel so safe and stylish all at the same time! I’m grateful for such a sleek mobility aid. It makes my process of accepting so much easier.

Knox ★★★★★

The way it can convert from an electric wheelchair to a rollator, to a transport chair with push assist, is incredible. An adaptable mobility aid can provide support throughout different stages of mobility. I can use my Rollz no matter how I’m doing that day.

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Product reviews from Rollz users

Young woman reviews her trip to London with a Rollz Motion rollator

How the Rollz Motion has impacted my life

‘My Rollz Motion has allowed me to practice walking far more than before. This has been instrumental in my recovery to rebuild muscle mass and function in my shattered leg. With the 2-in-1 design, my Rollz Motion has taken away a huge amount of stress. I no longer need to worry about the big “wheelchair or rollator walker?” question. It’s a weight off my shoulders to know I can take much-needed breaks without abruptly halting my plans.’

Woman using a Rollz Motion stable rollator inside her house

The Rollz-Royce of the rollator walker world

‘I was having problems with my current generic rollator walker (and walking) and my research led to the Rollz Motion 2 in 1 rollator walker and wheelchair. When I saw how sleek and subtle the design was. I was sold! I am only in my 30’s so wanted something that didn’t draw negative attention. This rollator walker not only looked sleek but with one quick movement you could lift up the back section and turn it into a proper transit wheelchair with a soft back rest and seat.’



Rollz Motion – the 2-in-1 rollator walker and wheelchair. From rollator walker position, the Rollz Motion can be easily transformed into a transport chair and back again, when needed.

Colors: pebble white, dark purple, matt black and island blue.

Sizes: normal and small. The small version is only available in island blue or matt black.

Rollz Motion Performance – our all-terrain version of the rollator walker and wheelchair in one. It has air filled tires and other features for extra comfort.

Colors: jungle green.

Sizes: normal.

Rollz Motion Rhythm– our rollator walker with three adjustable cues for people with Parkinson’s or other neurological diseases.

Colors: matt black.

Sizes: normal.

Rollz Flex – lightweight rollator walker with big bag. This rollator walker offers a lot of support and remains extremely viable, even when the bag is loaded to its capacity.

Frame colors: dark purple, jungle green, matt black and pebble white.

Bag color: Smokey Grey

Sizes: normal and small. The small version is only available in pebble white.


Rollz Motion: tray, travel cover, 3-in-1 holder, back support, drag brakes, umbrella, cup holder, shopper, light, locking hook and seatbelt.

Rollz Flex: tray, shopping hooks, light, umbrella, and cane holder.

All our products can be used by people who need mobility support.

The Rollz Flex supports people with balance issues but who are still able to walk long distances.

The Rollz Motion offers support to those that are not able to walk long distances. When walking gets too difficult, the user can sit in the wheelchair and still be mobile.

The Rollz Motion Performance is great for people who like walking in the forest or over bumpy roads. When the user wants to rest, the rollator walker can be transformed into a wheelchair.

The Rollz Motion Rhythm offers a stable walking rhythm via the three adjustable cues. Suitable for people with Parkinson’s or other neurological diseases.

A product is ergonomic when it is beneficial for the health, safety, and comfort of those using it. Our rollator walkers feature optimum balance between weight, size, and shape, offering maximum stability, safety and comfort.

Rollz products are available in both high-quality specialist stores and online. An overview of our distributors can be found on the distributors page.

An overview of the countries where our products are distributed, can be found on the distributor page.