Woman walking with a Rollz Flex rollator with big bag in a supermarket

Lightweight rollator walker with shopping bag

Rollz Flex

Rollz Flex is a compact, stable, and lightweight rollator walker with a large shopping bag. Its innovative design enables the rollator walker to stay close to the body so that you can walk with optimum posture. The short wheelbase makes it easy to step aside from it without the wheels getting in the way. It also allows you to make tight turns in narrow spaces.

This rollator walker offers great support and steers lightly, even with a full shopping bag. The beautiful design hides the more traditional rollator walker look. It can even encourage those who are not yet ready to accept their condition to feel more confident when going out. The soft foam filled tires of the Rollz Flex 2 absorb vibrations, allowing a more comfortable walk.

Perfect handling in your daily activities

Light and compact

Lightweight and compact rollator

Easy to push and steer through narrow spaces

Sturdy and stable

Stable and safe rollators

Offers full support and allows effortless maneuverability

Practical and handy

Practical and handy rollator

Comfortable seat and large bag for up to 55 pounds of groceries

Days out have never been more relaxed

It walks, shops and strolls with you

The Rollz Flex goes where you want it to go, be it to the supermarket, a museum, or a restaurant. It carries your shopping and offers you a seat to rest on when you are in need for a break. The lightweight rollator walker keeps you safe and stable and makes your world as big as you want it to be.

You choose the level of support

The handlebar adjusts from upright to all the way forward

Our designers developed a lightweight rollator walker with different levels of support. When the handlebar is all the way up, it offers light support and the possibility to steer it with one hand. If the handlebar is placed all the way forward, it offers maximum stability.

There are even a couple of other possibilities in between - just choose what suits you best on a given day and situation. Rollz Flex is as flexible as its name suggests.

A lightweight rollator walker for everyone

Variety and flexibility

Buying a rollator walker should be done based on one's personal needs rather than having people changing their way of life due to the limitations of the rollator walker. We want you to move seamlessly, conveniently, and to use your energy for the fun part of your day out. This means your rollator walker should match your lifestyle and your needs. We have made this possible by offering various features and options to choose from.

• Removable inner bag

• Available in four frame colors

• Height adjustable

Woman supported by a Rollz Flex lightweight rollator

Use it to the maximum!

Three oxygen tanks in Rollz Flex's rollator bag

A rollator walker as an oxygen tank holder

Three heavy oxygen tanks fit easily in the Rollz Flex’s bag. For people who are constantly dependent on extra oxygen, this greatly increases their mobility. All equipment is out of sight and only the tube come through the zipper.

Woman dancing with a Rollz Flex lightweight rollator

Dancing with a lightweight rollator walker

The handlebar of the Rollz Flex is a perfect barre for dancing exercises. ‘I started practicing in front of the mirror with my Rollz Flex as support and quickly noticed how small its turning radius is.’

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