Woman driving a Rollz Motion Electric wheelchair outdoors
Rollz Motion Electric rollator and electric wheelchair combo

Rollator and electric wheelchair combo

Rollz Motion Electric

A versatile 3-in-1 rollator, transport chair & electric wheelchair that enables users to stay active and be supported throughout different stages of decreasing mobility.

The Rollz Motion Electric combines the features of three devices, helping people with mobility limitations to stay as independent as possible. The rollator option offers stable support while walking, allowing users to make the best of their mobility. When walking becomes difficult, the user can attach the wheelchair package and rest or continue moving while safely seated. The electric system further enhances the functionality by making it a motorized wheelchair, enabling users to travel independently at any time.
This innovative design emphasizes the advantage of a durable and practical solution for multiple mobility needs, from requiring some support to full-time use of a wheelchair.

Next level independence

No help needed

Joystick-controled wheelchair


Maneuverable rollators

Turns on the spot even in narrow spaces

Modular system

Adaptable to different mobility needs

Adaptable to offer lifetime support

The Rollz Motion Electric enables people to continue engaging in social activities, shopping, and exploring new places, regardless of the level of mobility. The rollator - electric wheelchair offers the best combination of both worlds, for when you feel energized to take a walk or need to relax into your seat while moving. The ease of customization, requiring little to no effort, means that you can quickly and easily adjust it to your needs, saving energy for the things you truly want to do.

Man driving a Rollz Motion Electric wheelchair

Take control of your mobility!

Your trustful partner to continue enjoying your favorite activities

Rollz Motion Electric incorporates the ergonomic features of the Rollz Motion, while adding an electric system that allows for push support and self-propelled movement. Switching seamlessly between the three mobility-aid options of rollator, transport chair and electric wheelchair, you can rely on the Rollz Motion Electric to take you where you want to go, with or without the need for accompaniment.

• Push support option to ease the assisted transport chair
• Joystick controller for independent driving in the electric wheelchair
• 9.3 mile range
• Maximum speed of 6km/h
• Easy foldability that allows compact transportation
• Low-vibration air tyres

Enjoy your own independence

Woman walking with a Rollz Motion Performance rollator walker near a swimming pool

Choosing a rollator to fit your needs

With rollators, there is no ‘one size fit all’. Determining what rollator is the best fit for someone often comes down to their personal situation, lifestyle, and needs.

Mobility aids liberate us

‘I’ve learned that mobility aids are not the enemy and no matter which mobility aid we choose, we shouldn’t feel ashamed or stigmatised by the tools that help us live.’

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Rollz Motion Electric FAQ

The Rollz Motion Electric is a 3-in-1 rollator walker, transport chair and electric wheelchair. As a rollator, it provides support for steady walking and can easily be converted into a transport chair/electric wheelchair by attaching the wheelchair package. Electric wheelchair mode offers two driving options: assisted push (automated pushing help) or joystick control (for independent driving).

This video demonstrates the versatility of the Rollz Motion Electric.

Yes. Any Rollz Motion, Rollz Motion Performance or Rollz Motion Rhythm can be upgraded to a Rollz Motion Electric with the help of a conversion kit. Please check availability with your local distributor.

The Rollz Motion Electric has a maximum weight capacity of 220 lbs. It is not safe to have more than one person sitting on the seat and Rollz International cannot guarantee safety in such a situation.

The Rollz Motion Electric weighs 49.82 lbs. including battery, and the wheelchair package adds an extra 9.5 lbs.

The Rollz Motion Electric has a driving range of 9.3 miles on a fully charged battery, but this range may vary depending on factors such as user weight, terrain type and driving behaviour.

The maximum speed of the Rollz Motion Electric can vary depending on the driving mode:
• Joystick control – 0.8 mph to 3.7 mph
• Driving backwards – 0.6 mph to 1.4 mph
• Push support – 1.9 mph to 3.4 mph.

Air traveling with the Rollz Motion Electric is possible, but due to the battery you must take a few safety precautions into account. Check this guide and follow the steps listed to prepare for air travel with the Rollz Motion Electric.