Vrouw loopt met een parkinson-rollator met verstelbare signalen
Parkinson's rollator awarded Best New Product 2022 at the OT Show in the UK

Parkinson rollator walker with customizable cues

Rollz Motion Rhythm

This rollator walker is meant for people living with specific neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s. Multiple stimuli are available to help the user take the first step, make subsequent steps, or maintain a walking rhythm.

The stability of the Rollz Motion Rhythm prevents falls that could occur due to balance problems. In addition, the cues overcome freezing or festinating gait patterns. A projected laser line could help to trigger the user to break a freeze. A metronome or the repeating vibration in the handles can further help to set the walking pace".

Multiple cues to break a freeze


Laser cue of the Parkinson rollator

A green laser line is projected onto the ground to stimulate breaking a freeze and improve the stride's length and walking speed.


Sound cue of the Parkinson rollator

A metronome signals the preferred step frequency. The acoustic rhythm contributes to regulating the walking speed.


Vibration cue of the Parkinson rollator

Handles vibrate at the rhythm of the pace. A big advantage of this tactile cue is that it is not noticeable to surrounding people.

Keep on walking

Used in rehabilitation programs

This versatile rollator walker can be used by physiotherapists and other professionals supporting patients rehabilitating from neurological or mobility-impacting injuries. This includes people who have been in a coma, people living with Multiple Sclerosis, or other neurological conditions that require extra support to (re-learn how to) walk.

Handles and module of the Parkinson rollator

Regain your rhythm at the push of a button

Easy to set and activate by yourself or with your practitioner

The Rollz Motion Rhythm is developed on the same frame as the Rollz Motion, to which an electronic module has been added to offer visual, audible, and tactile stimuli.

The cues of this Parkinson rollator walker start when one of the buttons on the handles is being pressed. Your practitioner can help choose the cue combination, frequency, duration, and intensity to fit your specific situation.

Overcoming freezing of gait

Cues are meant to alert and trigger into an action

Parkinson's patients can experience sudden, short, and temporary episodes of inability to move the feet forward, despite the intention to walk. This could result in the characteristic appearance of the feet making quick stepping movements in place. A trigger or cue can overcome this.

Woman walking stable with a Parkinson rollator with cues

Unique combination

No Parkinson’s patient is alike, so how could one rollator walker work for everyone?

The three cues on the Parkinson rollator walker can be combined in different ways and (de)activated on the go. This allows you to always have the right cue at the right moment.

Furthermore, each cue can be adjusted to perfectly fit your needs in terms of speed, intensity, and duration. This way, every person living with Parkinson’s disease can use it in their own rhythm.

Take the next step!

Woman walking with a Rollz Motion Rhythm rollator for people with Parkinson's

Research shows benefits of rollator walker use in Parkinson’s

A recent study shows that 80% of the Parkinson’s patients who participated in the research benefited from using Rollz’s Parkinson’s rollator walker with different cues.

Man with mobility issues walks supported by a Rollz Motion Rhythm Parkinson rollator covered by health insurance

Health insurance coverage

Standard walkers are not covered by health insurance in most countries, but a ‘complex walking aid’ like the Rollz Motion Rhythm often is. Always ask your health insurance company about the possibilities and covered services in your plan before purchase.

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Rollz Motion Rhythm FAQ

The Rollz Motion Rhythm is a rollator walker for people with Parkinson’s or other neurological diseases. The three cues (vibration, metronome, and laser line) can trigger a walking rhythm or can start a walking movement.

In this video you see how the cues can be set and combined

The Rollz Motion Rhythm weighs 25.6 lbs., it is therefore a real lightweight rollator walker. When folded, it can be easily lifted into the car.

The maximum weight capacity is 275 lbs. Rollz International cannot guarantee your safety when there is more than one person sitting on the seat.

This is possible if you have the wheelchair package as an accessory. With this package you can transform the Parkinson rollator walker into a wheelchair, and you can sit down while somebody pushes it.