Girl walking with a pink rollator while having mobility issues

Active with mobility issues

Optimal levels of physical activity have been associated with longevity and an overall enhanced quality of life. It’s important for people to understand the advantages of maintaining an active lifestyle to enjoy the benefits of prolonged mobility. However, staying active when dealing with mobility issues can be challenging and intimidating, as the risk of falling … Continued

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Mobility aids in movies

Mobility aids are not simply tools; they symbolize autonomy and independence. Despite their undeniable utility, societal biases have cast them as undesirable and steeped in social stigma over time. Individuals grappling with mobility challenges often delay embracing these aids for such reasons, despite the potential enhancement they offer to daily life. In the quest to … Continued

Mobility aids 101 by Ardra Shephard from Tripping on Air

Mobility Aids 101

Navigating mobility challenges can be a journey with many ups and downs, involving a lot of self-reflection and practical decision-making.

Man using mobility aids in a museum

Mobility aids supporting disabled artists

Artists are said to perceive the world through different lenses, and it is their vision that ignites their creativity. In art, creativity flourishes when an artist’s vision transcends conventional boundaries, evoking deep emotions and inspiring profound introspection.

Man driving a Rollz Motion Electric wheelchair in a parc

How to use an electric wheelchair

When mobility issues advance, an electric wheelchair can be a great investment for your independence. However, note that driving an electric wheelchair is very different than using a manual wheelchair. It might require some practice before you get to master it.

Disabled hair stylist sitting in a Rollz Motion wheelchair

Disabled and Determined

According to the American Center for Disease Control & Prevention, one in four adults in the United States has a disability that affects their daily life. Despite being disabled, a highly respected hair stylist and beauty educator from Kitsap County has refused to add to these numbers.

Three people in this family have a disability

Three generations Rollz along

A quarter of all people have a disability, but in the Kits/De Winter family, that percentage is much higher. For grandfather Jan Kits (85), daughter Helene de Winter (59), and granddaughter Maartje Reggin-de Winter (29), living with a disability is normal.

Woman using a mobility aid for going to school

Mobility aids at school

“So young and using a mobility-aid?” Such a remark can really hurt, much like receiving a chronic illness diagnosis. Especially as age does not determine the onset or severity of an illness. Seeing young people with mobility aids at school should be just as normal as seeing elders using walkers while grocery shopping.

Man using a Rollz Motion rollator walker taking his disability at work

Disability at work

Receiving a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis is anything but easy. It’s life changing and challenging in so many ways – mentally, emotionally, professionally. You don’t want to give up your old life, but you do wonder how you are going to cope with it from now on.