Gifts for people with disabilities - walking outside

Holiday gifts for people with disabilities

The holiday season is just around the corner and we’d like to give you a helping hand in finding the perfect Christmas present for yourself or your loved ones. This is never an easy task, especially when looking for gifts for people with disabilities, as you want your present to be meaningful and not just … Continued

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Martijn Schaaper in the interview about the human body

A body adapts seamlessly

Rollz International CEO Martijn Schaaper shares his thoughts on the efficiency of the human body, the importance of good product design and the value of daily exercise and activity.

Woman with multiple sclerosis enjoying a day out with a Rollz Motion rollator

Mobility aids don’t limit us, they liberate us

I’ve had multiple sclerosis (MS) for 20 years, and for too long I was terrified of the prospect of “ending up” in a wheelchair. MS is a vicious disease, but I’ve learned that mobility aids are not the enemy I once believed them to be.

Woman dancing with a Rollz Flex rollator in her studio

Dancing with a rollator

Bonnie Groenewout has danced her whole life but when she got ill a few years back she thought she will not be able to practice anymore. But never say never!

Young woman watching flamingos while sitting in a wheelchair with an orange jacket

Disability is ageless

There is a misconception that only old people need mobility support. But nowadays you can also see lots of young people using canes, rollators or wheelchairs.