Woman using a Rollz Flex stable rollator for a shopping day out

Moving contributes to a healthy body and mind

A lack of exercise can lead to new physical or mental health problems

Movement is beneficial for your whole body and plays a key role in every treatment. It is important to keep your body and mind active, as a lack of exercise could lead to new physical or mental health problems. Regular walks can help to maintain and improve your muscle condition and reduce the risk of falling or developing further complications.

A stable rollator walker can make walking feel safer by reducing the fear of falling. In doing so, it gives you physical stability and a boost of confidence to go out and move more.

A stable rollator walker takes away obstacles

Chronic disease

Comfortable rollators

Designed to prevent unnecessary strain on your body.


Maximum support rollator

Provides support throughout your rehabilitation after an accident or injury.


Rollator for seniors

Improves your feelings of safety and confidence in your body to go out more.

Behind the design

'You suddenly notice how important the rigidity of the product is'

Our designers have gone the extra mile to develop stable rollator walkers that support your movement in the best way possible. A sturdy rollator walker takes away a lot of pressure from your body and provides a great source of stability and support.

Young man sitting in a comfortable wheelchair

Every detail has been thought about

Discover the clever benefits of Rollz rollator walkers over time

We’ve created a design without compromise that doesn’t lead to new obstacles or health challenges. The shape, weight and materials of the frame, position of the handlebars, size of the wheels, and all the other details were thoughtfully considered so that forces are well-distributed throughout the rollator walker. This leads to greater comfort, and a lighter, smoother experience for the whole body.

We believe that every person wants to be independent and move around with style and confidence. This is reflected in the functionality and appearance of all our Rollz rollator walkers.

A rollator walker increases your freedom of movement

Have the world at your feet

Whether it’s from getting older, injuries from an accident, or from a chronic disease, mobility challenges can make your world feel smaller. At Rollz we want you to have the world at your feet, and a stable rollator walker can contribute to exactly that.

Perhaps you’ve delayed getting a rollator walker in the same way as some people delay using reading glasses, only to later discover that glasses can help to make reading much more relaxing and enjoyable. Using a rollator walker can give you the same sense of relief and joy to go out again, increasing your feelings of safety and stability while also keeping you active.

A man buying icecream while in holiday with his stable rollator

Lady doing groceries at the supermarket with a Rollz Flex stable rollator

The sweet spot between versatility and ease of use

We have developed mobility aids that offer great stability and support, while being as lightweight as possible. Our stable rollator walkers are easy to steer thanks to the clever positioning of the wheels and center of gravity. Pushing is also easy, even when using it as a wheelchair or with a full bag of shopping. In addition, the small turning circle makes it easy to maneuver the rollator walkers in tight spaces.

We’ve raised the bar for being independent

For certain activities, we are all dependent on the help of others – and that’s completely fine. But for everyday tasks, we want to maintain as much independence as possible. Whether it’s a trip to the supermarket, meeting up with a friend, visiting a museum, or enjoying a day out — our rollator walkers can help you to maintain your independence to the level you decide.

Woman using a Rollz Motion stable rollator inside her house

How to use a rollator walker indoors

If you’ve recently purchased a stable rollator walker from Rollz, it’s important that you know how to use it safely and correctly. This six-part lesson series has been designed by Rollz to help you practice using your rollator walker on a daily basis.

Lady talking a Rollz Flex stable rollator on a cruise ship

Stability on a cruise ship

‘Without the Rollz Flex stable rollator walker I couldn’t have gone on this cruise. Now we can all enjoy this holiday together. It makes me much more independent. Now I also have the courage to stroll into the city on my own.’