Rollz in the US

Rollz launches new web store for US customers

Rollz International today announces the launch of its US company and online presence. While Rollz’s American customers have previously been able to purchase the company’s mobility aids through US distributors, Rollz’s new American company and web store makes it easier than ever for its customers to access direct service.

Popular Rollz products in the United States include the Rollz Motion, a rollator-transport chair combination offering innovative, stylish design. The product was praised by several leading international award organizations, including the Red Dot and iF Design Awards.

Rollz products boast innovative features and functionality designed to improve customers’ quality of life. They are admired for their modern appearance, which inspires confidence and reduces discomfort associated with using mobility aids in public, helping customers to continue their daily activities while improving their mobility.

“Our products are designed to allow people to walk longer and more often than most people with mobility issues are used to,” says Rollz International CEO Martijn Schaaper. “The physical and mental benefits, including increased self-confidence, offered by the reliability and stability of the rollator walker are significant.”

The move into direct retailer-to-customer sales in the United States market is a key milestone for Rollz.

“This is part of our global growth strategy, and the first step into establishing ourselves as a leading manufacturer and supplier of independent-living solutions in the United States,” adds Mr. Schaaper. “We want to make Americans more mobile.”