Rollz introduces a special Delft Blue edition

Rollz has announced the introduction of its first special rollator edition, called the Rollz Motion Delft Blue. Created on the white frame version of the already famous Rollz Motion rollator and wheelchair combo, this limited series is meant to bring more of the Dutch culture into the company’s products.

Rollz has multiple connections with the Dutch city of Delft, the biggest one being that it is the place where all our rollators have been designed. It is now also the location of our headquarters and the very first Rollz showroom.

The sticker design of the Rollz Motion Delft Blue is inspired by the world-famous Delft Blue ceramic pottery. The unique layout of the Delft Blue rollator is created by Rollz and combines traditional and modern motifs, including special icons that reflect people in the team.

From the very beginning, Rollz’s mission was to change the way people look at rollators. While in the past a rollator was seen as nothing more than a solid frame with wheels, our design rollators with innovative functionalities transformed that into now being part of the modern street scene. Within this changing context, the firmness and stability of the Rollz rollators have always remained the company’s main focus.

Tim van den Ing, the creator of the Delft Blue design, says: “With the Delft Blue special edition, we present a rollator as a traditional Dutch work of art. The fragile character of the Delft Blue contrasts with the robustness of the Rollz Motion.”

“We also see this contrast with our users. Some might feel vulnerable and helpless when thinking about using a rollator, but when they experience the stability of our products, they suddenly find they can move more freely and independently. Freedom comes from vulnerability.”

Rollz moved its headquarters to a beautiful location in Delft last spring, a step which was possible mainly due to the enormous effort of the entire team over the years.

“Everyone has contributed to make this growth possible and is still committed to take Rollz even further. In a way, this special edition is also a reference to who we are: a Dutch company based in Delft. Because our employees are also part of our identity, the motifs on the design contain very subtle details that refer to each of them”, Tim van den Ing added.

The Rollz Motion Delft Blue offers the same stability, comfort and functionality as the classic Rollz Motion rollator as the only change is the frame sticker design. The limited edition is exclusively available on Rollz’s Dutch webshop but could also be purchased in other countries via our customer service.