Rollz innovations in healthcare

Rollz receives support for innovations in healthcare

Rollz International has been selected to receive financial and substantive support to bring its innovations in healthcare towards the market. Alongside Basalt Revalidation Center and Assistive Technology for Mobility and Sports from The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Rollz aims to respond to the growing demand for care by making rehabilitation easier with the help of a smart rollator and app.

Over 42,000 Dutch people suffer a stroke every year and due to the aging population, the number is expected to rise explosively in the upcoming years. In most cases, a stroke causes permanent physical, cognitive and emotional damage.

Intensive rehabilitation in the first six months after the stroke episode has positive effects, but accessibility could be an issue with healthcare being more and more under pressure due to growing capacity problems and the increase of stroke cases.

With a smart rollator and app, Rollz’s innovations will allow patients to rehabilitate from home, in order to continue living independently and in a familiar environment for as long as possible.

The app provides both the patient and the healthcare professional with remote insight and data into the rehabilitation progress. Doing so, Rollz will be able to relieve the pressure on healthcare and improve the quality of life and self-reliance of people who have suffered a stroke. In this project, the consortium will be investigating the technical and financial feasibility in practice.

Eight of the nineteen project consortia that submitted an application received a voucher from the Zuid-Holland innovation program ZorgTech. All projects answer the question of how we can grow old as healthy as possible in a time of aging and increasing pressure on healthcare.

Rollz is proud to be part of this program and will work hard to make it a great success.