Couple enjoying a day out as one of them uses a Rollz Motion rollator and wheelchair

Rollz Motion

Rollator and wheelchair in one

The Rollz Motion combines a rollator and wheelchair in one. As a result you don't need to worry about your energy when going out as you will have both options with you. This walking innovation keeps you moving. You can walk as long as you want, sit down in the comfortable seat and be pushed to regain some strength, and then walk again if you feel like it. From now on you can always be part of the fun and not miss holidays with your family or days out with your friends.

It can easily be transformed from a rollator into a wheelchair (and vice versa) on the go whenever it suits you.

A Dark Purple Rollz Motion showed in rollator and wheelchair positions

Sturdy and stylish Dutch design

Maximum support

Maximum support rollator

Allows tall and stable walking

Easy motion

Maneuverable rollators

Steers lightly in both rollator and wheelchair positions

Two seat options

Rollator and wheelchair in one

One rollator and one wheelchair seat

Always the right support with you

A great experience where no compromise is needed

Rollz Motion is the perfect rollator and wheelchair combination for those who can walk with support but sometimes need to use a wheelchair too. This way you do not need to choose what aid to bring along when going out for a coffee, to a concert or on a weekend trip.

Ergonomic design

Optimum balance between weight, size and shape

Each gram of our 2-in-1 rollator and wheelchair has been deliberately chosen to design a mobility aid that is as lightweight as possible while offering maximum stability, safety and comfort.

Rollz Motion increases your freedom of movement under all circumstances and in any environment. It opens up your world and makes sure you feel confident to go out, move longer and more often. Our philosophy is to support you in what you can and want to do. Fuel yourself with confidence because you can actually do so much more than you thought you could. And your rollator will be with you every step of the way.

Man walking with a blue Rollz Motion rollator and wheelchair in the park

Walk comfortably and in style

Move as much as you want

The Rollz Motion is made to support an active life so that you can still enjoy going out even with limited mobility. All of that in style as our rollator and wheelchair is designed to stand out with its modern look. Moreover, they are versatile, easy to use and are equipped with features that will make your life easier.

• Adjustable hand grips and footrests

• Adaptable lumbar support straps

• Swiveling front wheels

• Four colors and two sizes

• Brake safe in wet and dry conditions

• Inverted handles for optimal walking posture in both rollator and transport chair positions

Senior sitting in a Rollz Motion rollator transformed into a wheelchair

New adventures every day

Man sitting in the transport chair while going out to visit a museum

Enjoy museums and music events

‘I can continue to move with the Rollz Motion. For me it is a three-stage rocket: walking, sitting and being pushed. This way I am never stuck.’

Going on holidays with a Rollz Motion rollator and wheelchair

Travel the world with limited mobility

‘My mobility is limited but somehow, we always manage to reach our goal. We have travelled for many years and continue to do so, even after I became chronically ill.’

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