Passing through doorways

A simple door can become an obstacle if the one passing through it uses a walker or a wheelchair. The ‘open, pass, close’ steps should be thought about in advance so that you do not get stuck in the process of passing through doorways.

This is the last in a series of six lessons on how to correctly use a rollator indoors.

It is, of course, easier if there is someone to hold the door open for you. But that is not always the case and you will want to be able to go through a door by yourself when there is no one around to help.

Passing through doorways sounds easier than it is but in reality is an underestimated point that deserves attention. It is a bit of a hassle and there are no tricks to make it easy. You just have to practice.

Assuming that the door opens towards you, here is what you need to do:

  1. Walk with your rollator close to the door.
  2. Push the door handle down with one hand and open the door towards you, until it almost touches your rollator. Keep holding your rollator with the other hand.
  3. Move the rollator backwards or to the side, while holding it with both hands.
  4. Open the door more, until you have space enough to pass through.
  5. After passing, close the door behind you with one hand and hold the rollator with the other.
  6. If step 5 doesn’t work from that position, you can also turn around and then pull the door.

Tip from Rollz-physio Anne-Wil Siegmund

“Is there a door closer installed on your door? These systems could make it extra difficult for you to pass through the door with your rollator so it would be better to remove it. Same goes for the doorstep, if possible. Opening the door and walking over an obstacle at the same time might be complicated for some people.”

Hopefully these steps make passing through doorways an easier task for you.

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