Sitting on a rollator

If you use a mobility aid for support, you may find that walking or standing becomes difficult or tiresome at times. One solution is having the convenience of sitting on a rollator to rest when and wherever you need it.

Going out and about with your rollator gives you the freedom to rediscover many sources of enjoyment and independence. You might bump into a friend on the street and stop to chat with them. You can wait for your bus to arrive at the stop without worry. Standing in line during grocery checkout may be tiresome but is manageable with support. No matter the situation, it is nice to be able to sit down whenever you feel the need.

Most rollators have a built-in seat, making it easy for you to sit when there aren’t chairs or benches nearby. As with the other features of your mobility aid, before sitting on a rollator, it’s important to learn how to do so safely and correctly.

This is the second lesson in a four-part series about how to correctly use a rollator outdoors.

How to sit down on a rollator
  1. Find a suitable place to stop where your rollator won’t be in the way of other people.
  2. Engage the parking brakes before sitting to prevent the rollator from moving as you get settled.
  3. When sitting on a rollator, position yourself as if sitting on the edge of a chair. As you lean forward slightly, your legs should form a wide angle with your upper body.
  4. To stand from a seated position, align your feet with your hips and position them firmly, grip the arm rests, and lean forward slightly as you stand and find your balance.
  5. Release the brakes once fully upright and begin walking.

Tip: Place the front wheels of the rollator against a wall if you want to have extra resistance when sitting on a rollator to ensure it won’t roll away with you on it.

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