Man walking with the new Rollz Flex 2 rollator in the city

The new Rollz Flex 2 rollator is out

Rollz International announces the launch of the new Rollz Flex 2 rollator. Offering unmatched comfort, stability and design, Rollz’s newest rollator supports an active lifestyle without having to compromise. This is an updated version of the previous Rollz Flex model introduced in 2016.

Woman with multiple sclerosis enjoying a day out with a Rollz Motion rollator

Mobility aids don’t limit us, they liberate us

I’ve had multiple sclerosis (MS) for 20 years, and for too long I was terrified of the prospect of “ending up” in a wheelchair. MS is a vicious disease, but I’ve learned that mobility aids are not the enemy I once believed them to be.

Woman dancing with a Rollz Flex rollator in her studio

Dancing with a rollator

Bonnie Groenewout has danced her whole life but when she got ill a few years back she thought she will not be able to practice anymore. But never say never!

Rollz meets Saljol 2020 in Rollz Mobility UK

Rollz launches UK subsidiary

Rollz International launches its UK subsidiary, Rollz Mobility UK ltd, to act as the exclusive distributor for all Rollz rollators from the beginning of 2020, as well as for the entire mobility range of the German company Saljol GMBH, in the UK.