Rollator walker

Walking makes you stronger and exercising daily is very important for improving your mobility. With a Rollz rollator walker, you walk comfortably and stylish everywhere you go. This way you can continue to enjoy an independent and active lifestyle.

Blond meisje dat met een moderne rollator in het oude stadscentrum loopt

Keep walking with a stable rollator walker from Rollz

Longer and more often than you are used to

Becoming more mobile is not only good for your physical health but it can also boost your mental condition by being able to go on a shopping trip or a walk in the park. Our modern rollator walkers are not only easily maneuverable and controllable, they also give the support you need to keep a good posture and walk upright. This allows you to keep walking and easily continue your vacation or family gatherings without any breaks.
Rollz rollator walkers are made from premium materials and have proven their high quality in the last ten years. Rollz rollator walkers can last for years to come and can keep doing their job of providing the support that you need. The Rollz rollator walkers are compact, stable, safe and customizable. This makes a Rollz rollator walker a perfect fit for anybody.

Buying a rollator walker?

Are you planning to buy a rollator walker? Then it is important to find a rollator walker that fits your needs.

A rollator walker is a vitally important tool for a lot of people. It offers stability and increases your mobility. At home, you can maneuver more easily through your house, and outside it can prove to be an ideal mobility aid. An outing to an acquaintance, supermarkets or the park are not a problem anymore. Check the different models are available online on our website.

Vrouw gebruikt een Rollz Flex stabiele rollator voor een dagje winkelen

Optimal weight

Lichtgewicht en compacte rollator

The weight of a rollator walker is of critical importance since you carry it with you everywhere. A lightweight rollator walker weighs between 11-17.6 pounds. Every Rollz model is efficiently assembled and made from aluminum, and therefore not heavy. The Rollz Flex is the ideal lightweight rollator walker.

In- or outdoor

rollator met luchtbanden

All models can be used inside and outside the house. If you want to use it more for outdoor, make sure to consider the locations beforehand. This because some rollator walkers are equipped with air tires, like the Rollz Motion Performance, which provide extra shock absorption.


Rollator voor senioren

It is important that the rollator walker is tuned to your personal needs and wishes. When the rollator walker is brought by a Rollz consultant, it will always be adjusted to your needs. Warranty is also an important when looking for a rollator walker. At Rollz, we offer a 5-year warranty on any new rollator walker.

Many different types of rollator walkers

Een vrouw die op een Rollz Flex rollator zit en haar hond aait

The rollator walkers from Rollz

Find the rollator walker that fits your needs perfectly

The rollator walkers from Rollz offer you the support that you need. If you need a little or a lot of support, Rollz rollator walkers are unique, but offer the comfortability, safety, and flexibility you need.
The rollator walkers from Rollz have a couple of advantages. First of all, they offer maximum stability. Rollz rollator walkers are very stable and designed by sports scientists for maximum comfort when you walk. Also, when you walk, you can make use of the seat to take a quick break and rest. If you own a Rollz Motion, you can transform the rollator walker into a wheelchair anytime you want. This way, you can easily walk long distances and makes a visit to the store or to a family member a walk in the park. Secondly, the Rollz rollator walker will be fitted to your personal needs when you retrieve it from any of our locations. Moreover, you can return the rollator walker within 14 days, a restocking fee does apply. The Rollz rollator walkers are available online and via many different mobility shops.

Personal online demonstration

Rollz offers the best walking experience, the rollator walkers are stable, safe, offer the maximum amount of stability, are easily maneuverable, and assembled in a way that helps you keep a comfortable walking position.
Are you unsure of which rollator walker fits your needs? There are many different models that fit a lot of different users or lifestyles. Our Rollz consultant can offer a personal online demonstration to show you how to use the rollator walker, and give advice on which rollator walker fits your needs.

We also think it is important that you can try out the rollator walker at home for 14 days and if it is not to your liking, you have the possibility to return the Rollz rollator with a restocking fee. If you decide to keep the Rollz rollator walker, we want you to enjoy the rollator walker to the fullest. That is why we offer a 5-year warranty.

Winkels om de Rollz rollators te kopen

Multifunctional for in- and outside use

The rollator walkers from Rollz can be used for long distance walking outside but are also perfect for inside use. This is because Rollz rollator walkers are maneuverable, easy to steer and flexible for inside use, and stable for outside use. Our designers have made sure that the rollator walkers are ideal for daily usage. A walk outside, doing the groceries or walking through the house are activities everyone needs to be able to do. With Rollz, all of these activities are made a lot easier, and you don’t have to worry about the distance you are planning to travel.

Walking is good for every body type, and not only for your body, but also for your mind it is critical you stay active. Keep your muscles active and moving with Rollz and limit your chance of falling. The stable rollator walker from Rollz makes walking safe. Every detail has been designed with a purpose in mind, so that you can keep walking stylish and safely. We also have a series of lessons designed to help you use the rollator walker, where we also provide tips. Watch this series of videos, and you will be fully prepared to walk long distances with your Rollz.

Just like most rollator walkers, our rollator walkers can be used both in- and outside. The Rollz Motion Performance is equipped with extra features for more comfort when its being used on rougher terrain. This model comes with air tires for better shock absorption and softer armrests for extra comfort.

Every model is foldable into a compact package. This makes our rollator walkers easy to carry in a bus, the trunk of a car, an airplane or be stored on the hallway of your home.

The Rollz Motion range of products are designed to be a rollator walker and wheelchair in one. The transformation from rollator walker into wheelchair can be done on the go, without any equipment needed. This way you can choose at any moment if you want to walk or sit and regain your stamina, but still continue the journey.

Every rollator walker is designed with a clinical picture in mind or to answer a problem of a customer. The Rollz Flex is designed with a light frame, a large shopping bag and a stylish design. This rollator walker is perfect when you don’t feel like you need a rollator walker yet, but you can use the stability a rollator walker provides.

The Rollz Motion and Rollz Motion Performance are designed so that you always have a rollator walker and a wheelchair with you whenever you need either one, and you don’t have to carry two products with you at the same time. Beyond this, the rollator walkers are comfortable, stable and easy to maneuver.

The Rollz Motion Rhythm is meant for people with a neurological condition like Parkinson. A series of stimuli like a laser, sound and vibrations in the grips help with walking and keeping a stable walking rhythm.

Every rollator walker is designed for a specific use, so this totally depends on what you need. Rollz Flex is a good rollator walker for starters and people who want a little bit of extra support or even those looking for a full rollator walker that does not look like a typical rollator walker. If you want a rollator walker that meets more specific requirements, every model of the Rollz Motion line is a good option. We recommend to look at your personal needs and wishes, and compare between our products to see what fits your needs the best.


Every model has many different accessories available. Examples of the accessories that we offer are the cane holder, the 3-in-1 holder and travel cover. You can check our web shop for our entire range.

Every Rollz Motion model can be equipped with air tires, but the Rollz Motion Performance has these special tires as a standard feature on the rollator walker. These tires are perfect for use on uneven or rough terrain. Our other models are always delivered with foam filled tires that help with absorbing vibrations.

On our website you can find many different reviews, blogs and videos from users of our rollator walkers. Furthermore, users can leave reviews via Trustpilot, where we have a rating of 4.8 out of 5.