Going over curbs

Using a rollator over curbs of only a few centimeters high can already provide a real challenge for someone. The front wheels will stop against it and you won’t be able to go any further. Your next move will be decisive on how smooth the climbing will go.

On holiday with a rollator

The summer is coming and the city breaks, holidays and travels are booked. If you use a rollator or a wheelchair in your daily life than you will take it with you as well. But travelling with a walking aid requires some extra precautionary measures. 

Sitting down on a chair with a rollator

For a rollator user, sitting down on a chair can be a complicated mission. You might find yourself in this situation a couple of times every day and it is rather important to learn how do it smoothly and safely so that it becomes a simple task.

Standing up from a chair and walk

Standing up smoothly and continuing further with your rollator seems easier than it actually is. The first thing you have to do is to bring the rollator close to your seat so you can easily reach it. Or ask someone to put it in front of your chair.

Walking with a rollator

Walking with a rollator can be so intensive in the beginning that you forget to look around you. Which means you are not paying attention to where you are walking.

Set the rollator to the right height

Before using your mobility aid for the first time, you must set the rollator height to promote good posture while walking. If the handles are not adjusted properly, your rollator will not provide adequate support, putting you at risk of injury or falling.

How to correctly use a rollator indoors

If you have recently acquired a rollator, it’s important to learn how to handle it correctly. A bit of practice in your home environment will boost your confidence and prepare you to safely use your rollator indoors or out.

Enjoy the winter season with Rollz

The perfect Christmas gift for style lovers that treasure their independency is a Rollz rollator. It enables people with limited mobility to visit that nice Christmas fair, to walk without help or to join the family trips and days out.