Woman walking with a Rollz Motion Performance rollator walker near a swimming pool

Choosing the best rollator to fit your needs

The term ‘best rollator’ might mean different things to different people. Determining which rollator is the best fit for you comes down to its compatibility with your personal situation, lifestyle, and needs.

With rollators, there is no ‘one size fit all,’ but a versatile rollator designed with adjustable features can transform to fit your individual needs.

Models with built-in flexibility allow you to customize the device to support your specific circumstances – rather than you having to adapt to the limitations of your rollator.

When evaluating which model will be the best rollator for you, you want to have a good understanding of its features so you can make the most of your investment.

The best rollator:

  • Can be adapted in the moment, giving you the flexibility to walk, sit, or be pushed as needed with a few quick and easy adjustments.
  • Is ergonomically designed, balancing weight, size, and form to maximize safety, support, and stability and is as lightweight as possible
  • Has a modern, sleek, and stylish design that will boost your confidence, making it easier to embrace using a mobility aid.
  • Has adjustable handle heights to help you maintain good posture while properly engaging your muscle groups, making walking more comfortable.
  • Has large swiveling wheels and a short wheelbase, making it easy to manoeuvre, even in tight spaces.

The best rollator is the one you need

Rollz rollators have many adaptable features, which is why so many customers around the world have categorised them as the best rollators on the market. These adaptable features are designed to meet the needs of different body types and/ or requirements of specific symptoms and disabilities, to enhance each user’s freedom of movement.

Our rollator walkers have additional features that make them stand apart from more traditional models.

The push bar of the Rollz Flex rollator can, for example, be positioned in multiple ways to support your needs on a specific day or at a certain stage of your disability.

The Rollz Motion and Rollz Motion Performance models combine a rollator and wheelchair in one, offering a range of support and giving you the flexibility to walk, sit, or be pushed as needed with a few quick and easy adjustments.

The three cues (laser, sound, and vibration) on the Rollz Motion Rhythm rollator can be adapted to address different neurological symptoms or rehabilitation programmes.

In conclusion, the best rollator is the one that provides personalized support to let you more fully engage in your daily activities, allowing you to enjoy an active and independent life.

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