How to correctly use a rollator indoors

If you have recently acquired a rollator, it’s important to learn how to handle it correctly. A bit of practice in your home environment will boost your confidence and prepare you to safely use your rollator indoors or out.

The experts at Rollz created a series of six lessons (linked at the bottom of the page) to help you get moving. Practice and review will help you maximize the benefits of your new rollator while preventing mishaps and accidents. A separate series will offer tips for using your rollator outdoors.


  • Before walking with a rollator indoors, explore its features, adjust the handles, and test the brakes.
  • Assume your best posture, check your balance, and engage your core muscles.
  • Keep your head up and scan the environment to plan wider turns and spot potential obstacles.­
  • Your rollator will not automatically glide over thresholds or curbs, use the curb assistant to lift the front wheels over them.
  • Moving from a rollator to a chair takes practice, read the guide to learn how to do this safely.
Consult with your physiotherapist or occupational therapist

Whenever possible, we suggest seeking guidance from a physio or occupational therapist if using mobility aids for the first time. These specialists can respond to your personal needs and teach you how to safely derive the greatest benefit from your new rollator.

It’s ok to ask for and receive support

Your loved ones want to see you succeed and can play an important role in helping you adjust to using a mobility aid. Involving them in the process is mutually beneficial–they will cheer you on and share your success as you rediscover your independence and freedom.

When introducing your rollator to children, teach them that it is a tool to help with your mobility issues and that it is not a toy. Including them in the process of learning to use it will satisfy their curiosity and inspire respect for it.

Anne-Wil Siegmund, Accountmanager Rollz en FysiotherapeuteLessons for using a rollator indoors by Rollz’s physio

These rollator-use lessons for every day indoor situations have been created by Rollz physiotherapist, Anne-Wil Siegmund.

Having been a physiotherapist in a group practice for ten years, she is now offering in-depth advice about mobility options in her role as a client and sales consultant with Rollz.

“Learning to use a rollator requires clear explanation, courage, regular practice, and a little bit of patience.”



Here are your guides to help you correctly use a rollator indoors: