Going over curbs

Using a rollator over curbs of only a few centimeters high can already provide a real challenge for someone. The front wheels will stop against it and you won’t be able to go any further. Your next move will be decisive on how smooth the climbing will go.

This is the fifth in a series of six lessons on how to correctly use a rollator indoors.

Some people lift their rollator over the curb. This is all fine as long as they are strong enough to do it and have good balance. But if you do not have the strength or stability for this type of moves, then it is better to use the curb assistant. This is a kind of foot pedal on the frame, placed next to the rear wheels. When using it, makes it easier to tilt the rollator backwards in order to go over a curb.

How to use the curb assistant:
  1. Move the front wheels of your rollator until you reach the curb.
  2. Put a foot on the curb assistant and push it down.
  3. Hold both handles firmly. This way you can tilt the rollator slightly towards you, on its rear wheels.
  4. If the curb is very high then it helps when you brake light while tilting, which will stabilize the rollator and it is safer.
  5. Move forward until the front wheels are over the curb.
  6. Step forward, until de rear wheels reach the curb.
  7. Lift the rollator a little bit up, so that the rear wheels can go over the curb.

Tip from Rollz-physio Anne-Wil Siegmund

“Do you have tricky curbs inside or outside your home and do you want to prevent bumping up into them, and is the curb assistant too much of a hassle?
Then you can apply a rubber, metal or plastic threshold help up against or over the curb. It has both a sloping-up and sloping-down side that you can easily move your rollator over. With these, it is usually no longer necessary to use the curb assistant on your rollator.”

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