Rollz Flex gives stability on the cruise ship

“Without the Rollz  rollator we couldn’t have done this cruise at all. Now we could all enjoy this holiday together.”

Irene is a good walker, but fell too often. They were planning a cruise family trip. That’s why she and her eldest daughter went to the home care shop to buy a rollator. There they saw a cool one with a denim shopper bag. “The minute I saw it, we thought: that must be it!”

“My youngest daughter reminded me shortly after the purchase: “Mom, remember that you won’t bend forward while pushing it!” But as you can see my posture is beautifully upright. I can’t miss it for even a day, this thing makes me much more independent. Now I dare go walking into the city on my own.”

Her eldest daughter, who accompanied Irene to the store, agrees: “if a rollator looks this flashy, you can walk proud indeed, as does my mother. She no longer hesitates to go out and about.”

Cruising lady sitting on her Rollz Flex rollator: Norwegian Spirit here I comeCruising Lady (2) op de Norwegian Spirit met de Rollz Flex

How does it unfold?

Once home, it was very puzzling to Irene how the shopper rollator folds up and certainly not how it pops up again. Fortunately Irene’s son got it finally done. She points out, this still is a focus point to demonstrate in the shops. For someone with the same questions, in the video is shown step by step how the shopper rollator folds and unfolds.

Handhold on board

When we speak to Irene she has just returned from a cruise with the Norwegian Spirit from Barcelona, Spain to Venice, Italy. Her daughter mails us a few photos right away. “So you guys at Rollz can also see how happy my mother is, and how it gives her stability on the cruise ship! Without Rollz we couldn’t have done this cruise at all. Now we could all enjoy this holiday together.”

“The gangway was very steep indeed, but my mother insisted on walking it herself while being supported by her rollator. A steward walked down with her, to slow her down. Very nice.”

At night Irene put the walker in her bedroom, it just fit through the door, allthough those bedrooms are somewhat cramped. “I took it everywhere and always had it with me on board. On such a cruise you meet people from many different countries. And I got a lot of attention! Some Australian and American passengers asked me about the brand and took photos of my Rollz Flex for home.”

“In Naples, my daughter and me made a long walk. I could never have done that without this rollator! In that city no two tiles are even.”

Woman enjoys traveling with a mobiity aidWoman visiting Galleria Umberto in Napels a Rollz Flex rollator

Don’t I look young?

One of the pictures was taken in the shopping arcade Galleria Umberto with beautiful mosaic pavement. Irene wants to know if we can estimate her age in these pictures. She feels so young! And so she looks indeed, we agree. A spry lady who loves to go out.

Want to know if the Rollz Flex can complete your holiday as well? We would like to tell you more about this design rollator with big bag.

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