Style and personality in your rollator

“Yeah, sure…”, Corry van Weerlee said at first when she got the call she had won in the Rollz Flex Launch Contest in the Netherlands. People do have to be so careful these days.

“Really? Have I won a shopping spree, worth € 400, –, with a personal shopper AND a Rollz Flex? I am over the moon!”

Personal Shopper Wendy Wang assists the lucky winner getting all dressed up with a new outfit. “It’s all about her as a person. I look for items ma’am likes and of course if it fits and suits her. The way you dress tells all about you and your personality, without a single spoken word. A lot of women are afraid that they do not dress ‘age-accordingly’ and thus are headed for stores selling plain, flat and rather dull clothes. Please don’t, you just need to dress the part AND feel comfortable. You know that feeling, when trying on anything nice you found in a store and it looks really great on you? That feeling, that’s when one feels great and walks confidently.”

Style and taste

“It’s all about one’s own style and taste. As a personal shopper I just look for what items a person chooses for, and then I suggest what looks great on him/her and which items to avoid. And encourage to pick something out of the ordinary. As a personal shopper I feel like I’m acting as a medical therapist: people learn things about themselves.”

Wendy Wang suggested to start at H&M. “The basic items are quite affordable and it gives me an opportunity to assess what Mrs. Van Weerle likes and preferences are”. Prize winner, the Dutch Mrs. Van Weerle never shops at H&M. “That’s why I checked their websh0p; I’m not oldfashioned broad, even though I’m 72 yo. They do have pretty neat clothes, I wonder if those would look good at all on me?”



A friend joins in, for moral support: going on a shopping spree, choosing a new look, with a personal shopper, and a photographer, that is beyond exciting! “The photographer instructed me: ‘Please look at my lense when I call your name’. I forgot all about it. I got along with Wendy perfectly and I felt terribly warm. “Yes,” Wendy said, “modeling is tough job!”.

“I was encouraged to tell her what I liked, she didn’t talk me into anything. Regarding my clothing sizes, we finally succeeded at the Gerry Weber shop, where everything fits me. We found a very nice winter coat, a cardigan, a new top, a neat skirt, a beautiful scarf which fits perfect with all items picked, another top with silver hem, and also a matching necklace. I feel very spoiled. It all happened three days ago, yet still I’m smiling ear to ear”

Isn’t the city of Leiden beautiful?

In besides this shopping spree with a Personal Shopper, Mrs. Van Weerlee won a Rollz Flex rollator. “My husband and I used to have a lightweight walker, which already tipped over in a gentle breeze. A Rollz Flex is ten times better, it is a fantastic aid. It even offers support when shopping in stores. Whether I walk trough Leiden city or stroll on a boulevard, it makes a walk pleasant.”

Mrs. Van Weerle walks with a straightened back, walks more confident and now dares to look around: “I let my friends to have a go and try it themselves. ‘Wow, that’s a great walker!’ they say. Isn’t Leiden a beautiful city? Back in the days, when I was younger, I never looked at the facades nor the city’s views. But oh my, Leiden city centre, and the Nieuwe Mare, how gorgeous!”

May I please use our Rollz Flex now?

Mr. and Mrs. Van Weerle share their Rollz Flex. “Some days he needs it harder than I do, but I use the rollator when he feels better. It is super light and manouvrable, even curbs are not a problem.”

On being asked if she’d prefer to have her own Rollz Flex or if we should bring one, she responed “Right. Well, if I take our own Rollz Flex, it would mean my husband would need to stay at home. If I could please use your Rollz Flex, my husband will be able to leave the house too. That’s how we share our Rollz Flex.”

You can buy the Rollz Flex at one of our distributors.

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