Mobility innovations for improved care

Elevate care quality and unlock professional growth opportunities

As a healthcare professional, you have a unique opportunity to shape the lives of your patients. By choosing innovative products, you are joining a revolution that seeks to transform the healthcare landscape and improve the lives of countless individuals. Additionally, by staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field, you can expand your knowledge and skills, positioning yourself as a valuable asset in your healthcare setting.

Mobility innovation that improve care

A rollator that accommodates changing mobility needs

Modular design

Rollz offers a unique opportunity to future proof through its modular concept, which greatly enhances its versatility and longterm user flexibility. This design allows for various components to be easily combined and utilized, providing users with a range of options tailored to their specific needs. By adding parts to the base (like the wheelchair add-on, neurologic module or electric kit), users can efficiently and cost-effectively customize their rollator according to their preferences.

Furthermore, the modular nature of Rollz rollators accommodates changes in mobility over time. If a user's mobility declines, they can easily incorporate add-ons that align with their evolving needs. This ability to adapt to new circumstances promotes a sense of continuity and connection for the user. The positive psychological impact of this mobility innovation motivates users to make the most of their mobility and enjoy a greater sense of control and freedom.

Activity tracker for rollator users

Rollz Fit

Many activity trackers available in the market today are primarily designed to be worn around the wrist, which poses a challenge for rollator users. Recognizing this limitation, Rollz has developed an activity tracker specifically designed for rollator users.

The Rollz Fit is seamlessly integrated into the right wheel cap of the Rollz Motion rollator. Through Bluetooth connectivity, users can effortlessly link it to an app, unlocking a range of features and benefits. Within the app, users gain valuable insights into their activity levels, set personalized goals, and track their progress over time. Essential daily statistics such as distance walked, calories burned, and active minutes are prominently displayed. Since rollator users typically accompany their rollator during their daily movements, every active moment is accurately monitored.

Healthcare professionals and therapists can easily access their patients' activity data, allowing them to gain a comprehensive understanding of their progress and tailor activity goals accordingly over time. Thanks to this mobility innovation, rollator users are encouraged and motivated to engage in physical activity, enabling them to achieve their preset goals.

Rollz Fit app screen

Live gait analysis and feedback while walking with a rollator

Smart solution that allows users to rehabilitate from home

During training sessions using a rollator as part of a medical treatment plan, the lower legs are continuously monitored and recorded to capture motion data. This process precisely captures various walking characteristics such as step size, frequency, and more. By analyzing these parameters, the effectiveness of the training can be evaluated. The collected data is then presented to the user through a dedicated app, providing valuable feedback for reflection and self-improvement of their home workouts. Users can review their activities and strive to enhance the quality of their training sessions independently.

Additionally, healthcare professionals have the ability to remotely access and assess the performance and progress within their treatment plan. The app facilitates this remote insight, allowing professionals to make informed decisions and adjustments to the treatment plan as needed. Through a secure and anonymized database, any modifications made by the healthcare professional are seamlessly synchronized with the patient's app, ensuring consistency and continuity in the treatment process.