How to correctly use a rollator indoors

If you have recently acquired a rollator, it’s important to learn how to handle it correctly. A bit of practice in your home environment will boost your confidence and prepare you to safely use your rollator indoors or out.

Enjoy the winter season with Rollz

The perfect Christmas gift for style lovers that treasure their independency is a Rollz rollator. It enables people with limited mobility to visit that nice Christmas fair, to walk without help or to join the family trips and days out.

Enjoy events while living with MS

Since his retirement, art lover Albert Flesseman enjoys traveling with his wife, visiting museums and classical music festivals. To do that, he needs both a rollator and a wheelchair.

Keep walking as long as you can

Every country has its own unique Rollz Motion ambassadors. Meet Irene, an inspiring lady from New Zealand. She lives life to the full, always has and always will.